Maple Lake is committed to maintaining a pro-business city tax rate.


City City Tax Rate
Monticello 34.959
Delano 52.885
Rockford 48.349
Montrose 60.204
Maple Lake 65.350
Annandale 71.525
Cokato 74.684
Howard Lake 76.180
Clearwater 87.259
Waverly 93.137
South Haven 137.657


The City Council is committed to keeping City property tax rates at competitively low levels to help foster economic growth.

In the last legislative session, significant changes were made to the Homestead Tax and the way it is applied to homeowners.  These changes imposed by the State of Minnesota will shift tax burdens away from homestead properties and towards other property categories, including commercial and industrial.  An explanation of these State of Minnesota tax changes and their impact on your local properties taxes is contained in the links below.