Garbage & Recycling Collection

Garbage/Recycling Pick-up
Garbage pick-up is every Tuesday. All garbage must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. Randy’s Environmental Services is providing all households with a 65 gallon garbage cart and a 65 gallon recycling cart at no additional cost to you.  A 95 gallon recycling cart is available at no extra cost.  The carts have a handle and wheels and are easy to move. Tags will be available for purchase at city hall at $4.00 per tag for each additional 30-gallon bag of garbage.

Proper Preparation of Recyclables
All cans, mixed glass and plastic can be mixed. (This is called co-mingled recycling).

All newspaper including the inserts, office paper (staples can be left in), magazines and phone books can be recycled in the container.

Corrugated & Food Product Cardboard
Aseptic & gabble-topped containers (milk, broth, soup, wine cartons, juice boxes). All Cardboard must be broken down flat.  Maximum length and width not to exceed 3 ft.  ** unacceptable cardboard – Pizza boxes, egg cartons, waxed cardboard , or if contaminated with food.

All aluminum and tin cans, including the lids.

Unbroken bottles and jars (all colors). **unacceptable glass items: Broken glass, porcelain, light bulbs, windows, dishes, drinking glasses, and lids.

Empty plastic bottles and jugs labeled with the recycling triangle #1-7.   Rinse thoroughly.  Oil containers must drain for 24 hours prior to pick up.  Labels can be left on. **unacceptable plastic items: Plastic bags, Styrofoam, plastic hangers, toys

Not Accepted:

  • Metal car parts
  • flower pots
  • motor oil
  • ceramics.